Master Composter Manual, DSNY, 2014

Working closely with writers and editors from the NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY), the NYC Master Composter Manual was published in 2014 to train New Yorkers in creating, maintaining, and improving home to community-scale composting operations. Illustrations contained within cover the concepts of soil and decomposition science, building and managing compost systems, as well as basic how to’s on community organizing 101 and caring for urban gardens. Below are a few select illustrations and layouts:

Soil Food Web Graph
Soil Food Web Diagram, pen and ink, (DSNY 2014)
Soil pH and nutrient availability diagram (DSNY 2014)
Landfill Graph
Traditional landfill diagram in cross section, pen and ink (DSNY 2014)
Home Composting
Maintaining an indoor worm bin (DSNY 2014)
What to compost (DSNY 2014)

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