Better Learning Through Botany, University of Oregon 2017


Better Learning Through Botany explores the use of visual science communication to increase public participation in conserving one of Oregon’s most diverse and threatened ecosystems. Utilizing scientific illustration and translating complicated botanical terminology, this project aims to remove common communication roadblocks that have caused a disconnect between these dynamic habitats and the people living around them.

From 2015 to 2017, Emily-Bell Dinan worked to complete over 60 hand-drawn pen and ink drawings depicting the many plant families and individual species found in Eugene, Oregon’s endangered wetland prairies.

Arrow Leaf Plaintain
alium-amplectens edited
Slim Leaf Onion
Tall Camas
Lomatium-nudicali edited
Bradshaw’s Desert Parsley
POGR edited
Graceful Cinquefoi
Death Camas
PRVU edited
Self Heal
SICU edited
Checker Mallow
RAOC edited
Western Buttercup
LUPO edited
Big Leaf Lupine
Navarretia intertexta
Asclepias-speciosa copy
Showy Milkweed

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