banner illustration-01Have a need for posters, logos, invitations, web graphics, diagrams, or any other sort of dynamic visual tool? EBD is here to listen, draft, and create the perfect hand-drawn or digital creation for you. Let’s connect, collaborate, and bring your unique ideas to life.

sword fern logo-01Sword Fern Florals, a creative floral boutique for the DIY type serving Portland, Oregon



Comic Book Style Natural Nistory of the Willamette Valley, Oregon – Introductory Chapter to University of Oregon Science Communication Thesis, 2017

roger that hand outCommunity Outreach and Activism, Roger That Garden Project, 2013

Print2017 Environmental Studies Joint Campus Conference, University of Oregon, 2015-2017


front invitation for webinvite back for web

Announcements, Save the Dates, Invitations, Table Decor, and Thank You Designs all available for affordable, custom digital designs and downloads – contact us for details, let’s talk!

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